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Manchester United go top of the Premier League

Updated: Jan 13, 2021

We sat down with Hesham (@hesham786) to discuss United’s win over Burnley...

So what did you make of today’s game?

Hesham: It was exactly how we expected. Very physical, very scrappy and the players I have to say were up for it.

We didn’t play the quick interchanging football we can in the first half but when we got the ball down in the second, we really showed why we MAY be genuine contenders.

It is January but it has to be said, Manchester United are top of the Premier League! It has been quite a considerable amount of time since United have been up here post January. What are your thoughts on United topping the table and how much credit does Ole deserve for the turnaround he’s lead?

Hesham: It’s a massive psychological boost for the players to get there after so many years, especially after a subpar summer.

I’ve always been skeptical of Ole and his tactics, still think his game management leaves a lot to be desired but he deserves huge credit for getting us there after a horror start to the season. Hope it continues and he grows into a more complete manager as we progress through this season.

Do you think Manchester United can mount a realistic title challenge?

Hesham: Halfway through a season to be top is no joke. It’s a tough question to say, because I’d say there has to be a very solid 10-12 more games and enough wins built up there to even call it a title challenge. The league is so open this year that I’d say yes though, anyone in the top 6 can put a run together and win it!

What has impressed you the most about this side? And where do you see this season going from here?

Hesham: For me it’s the attitude. We had a very poor start to the season and we’ve conceded so many sloppy goals firs in games which has always put us on the back foot but the character and mentality to never give in and go all out for the win in them circumstances is massive. It’s not a big statement to say ‘it’s a trait of champions’, the question is whether they can do it right until May.

If we don’t lose v Liverpool and we manage to have some good luck with injuries, we can take the title race all through till the last game. We need to stay composed, mentality and in front of goal in key moments. We also need the Bailly-Maguire pairing to go as deep into the season as possible but there’s more optimism this season than any other since 2013.

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