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Van Dijk signs for Liverpool...so what now for the Reds?

We sat down with the founder of @AnfieldHQ Oliver Bond to discuss the Van Dijk signing and all things Liverpool....

Q.So what are your initial thoughts on the Van Dijk signing?

A. It’s a huge signing for Liverpool. £75m is the most we’ve ever paid for a player - but Klopp has been adamant on Van Dijk for well over a year now and credit to him for not budging on his stance.

Q. What are your thoughts on Van Dijk as a player and what do you think Liverpool fans can expect from him? He has had a bit of a slow start to the season, will fans have to be patient before they see the best of him?

A. I think he’s a brilliant addition. As many local journalists who watch him week in week out have said on his day he’s one of the best in the world. It’s a huge statement of intent from Liverpool. It’s been difficult for him this season as his mind has clearly been elsewhere and he’s had fitness issues. He will need to adapt and fans must be patient and accept that.

Q. Is Van Dijk the missing piece of the puzzle? Everyone has rightfully raved about Liverpool's attack, does the signing of Van Dijk complete your team?

A. He won’t be able to fix everything, but he’s the defensive leader Liverpool have been lacking for years, since the days of Jamie Carragher. He will make us stronger for sure, but there still other areas of the team that need strengthening.

Q. With the signing of Van Dijk what are your expectations for the rest of the season?

A. Champions League qualification is a must I feel. An FA Cup run would be nice but isn’t a priority for me - obviously we want to see how far we can get in the Champions League as well

Q. We saw you were one of the first to break the Van Dijk news so good job on that! Is there any other transfer news you can share with us on Liverpool?

A. Nothing new I’m afraid!

Q. Latest on Goretska?

A. A player highly admired.

Q. Certainly one we will all keep an eye on! Just finally a quick prediction, what position will Liverpool finish this season? Will they win anything?

A. I’m going to go for 3rd and I hope so!

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